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Speed and flexibility

The speed and flexibility of suction excavation is ideal for works in high-profile locations.

Telescopic reach and flexibility is effective in many areas where mechanical excavation is compromised.

Safety benefits

The safety of our employees and of the public is our number one priority.

Utility service strikes

are one of the greatest risks in carrying out any excavations, this is virtually eliminated by using vacuum excavation as recommended by the HSE.

Slips, trips and fall injuries

have been greatly reduced due to no excavated material being stored within the work area.    All material excavated is immediately transported to suction excavator.

Manual handling injuries

all but eliminated due to operation not requiring manual excavation or plant and equipment to be moved to and from work area.

Public safety

in greatly increased due to smaller excavations and the reduction of time spent on site, reduced plant and equipment on-site, elimination of excavated material within work area.

Health benefits

A much cleaner and quieter extraction means vastly increased health benefits.

Noise levels

of suction excavator are well below that of conventional plant and equipment associated with this type of work activity.

The risk of hand and arm vibration

is eliminated as the use of conventional plant and equipment for the majority of work activity is eliminated.

As all excavated material

is removed from excavation directly into suction excavator via a sealed unit, the risk of employees inhaling dust normally associated with excavation activity is eliminated.

Environmental Benefits

Looking after our future, as well as today.

Excavations size

is greatly reduced, leading to lesser environmental impact and a reduction in excavated material. This additionally means less material for landfill.


can be managed through operation of suction excavator allowing separation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

Liquid Waste

can be easily removed through excavator operation, allowing suitable prevention of any pollution to land / watercourses.

Due to sealed suction system

all dust is captured at source and transferred to excavator reducing the risk of nuisance to the public and others.

The benefits realised above have not only increased our health, safety and environmental performance but have brought added financial efficiency to our operation, which in turn has benefited our customers and others within the supply chain.

What is Suction Excavation?

Suction Excavation Technology has been specifically designed for specialist construction activities in urban and suburban areas. It assures instant operability and fast excavation without the risk of affecting or damaging any unforeseen utilities. Use of excavation also reduces environmental impact by overcoming possible damage to tree roots, as the suction excavator clears past these without any damage.


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