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Our background and history at Conroy Group

Suction Excavation Technology has been specifically designed for specialist construction activities in urban and suburban areas. It assures instant operability and fast excavation without the risk of affecting or damaging any unforeseen utilities. Use of excavation also reduces environmental impact by overcoming possible damage to tree roots, as the suction excavator clears past these without any damage.

Conroys Group was the very first to bring Suction Excavators into the UK in 2006. We have the largest independent fleet in the UK, backed up by a wealth of experience in the industry.

The suction excavator works in a similar way to a cyclonic cleaner, but with immense suction power. The high negative pressure air current removes all materials through a suction nozzle using a flexible arm attachment fixed to the back of the excavator vehicle.

The spoil collected is deposited in a self-contained unit mounted on the suction excavator vehicle. When the container becomes full, the lid is hydraulically opened and the entire chamber is mechanically tipped over and the contents discharged into a low level skip. The spoil is then removed from site and taken to either a landfill or ideally, a recycling facility.

Operating suction excavation capacities of around 45m³ per day are commonly achieved here in the UK (figure based on a 26 metric tonne unit with a 7m³ container). The suction excavator is ideally suited for use in uncovering defective underground pipes and cables, which are too dangerous to expose using standard open cut procedures. It has received recognition for brand value innovation from the likes of BP & Shell.  

Why use Conroy Group?

Over 25 years in the industry

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Service available across the UK

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Leaders in Innovation & Technology

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Supported by Leading Accreditation

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Investing now to plan for the future
  • Excavations size is greatly reduced, leading to lesser environmental impact and a reduction in excavated material.  This additionally means less material for landfill.
  • Waste can be managed through operation of suction excavator allowing separation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste.
  • Liquid Waste can be easily removed through excavator operation, allowing suitable prevention of any pollution to land / watercourses.
  • Due to sealed suction system all dust is captured at source and transferred to excavator reducing the risk of nuisance to the public and others.

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Safe Contractor Approved Qualsafe Awards Construction Skills Certification Scheme City & Guilds Qualified ISO IPAF

We’re able to send out our impressive suction excavation fleet across the nation

Hire a suction excavator from the longest established Vacuum Excavator Hire company in the UK, from our satellite depot based in Hampshire.

Safer excavations on water, gas, street lighting, sub stations & civil engineering projects. Available in Portsmouth, Southampton, Brighton, Bournemouth, Guildford and surrounding areas. 

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“We are impressed with Suction Excavator Hire Limited and the contribution that the operator made to the job at Willow Park”
Rachel Agetur UK Ltd
“Conroy’s expertise in suction excavation allowed our project to run smoothly and efficiently”
David Caan Industrial Aggregates Ltd